In her book on Beagles, Beverly Pisano wrote "If you have chosen a beagle as your family dog, you have aquired a dog of remarkable patience and reliability". Over the many years that we have had Beagles, we have found this to be very true, they are one of the quietest and calmest breeds that I have ever owned. Most of mine seem unable to jump or even want to, I have had one that was very clever at climbing out, but never ran off, just came around to the front gate and waited to be let in. We have always trained our Beagles from the start to come when called and have never had a problem.

Once a Beagle owner always a Beagle owner. We have found that a very high percentage of puppy buyers have had Beagles before and many have grown up with them and their children follow on, much more so than any of our other breeds.

Things that Beagles do love most after food are walkies, family companionship and strict discipline. They seem to respond well to someone who is firm but fair, and like a lot of highly intelligent dogs show the greatest respect and devotion to a firm and positive handler. Beagles have a very good reputation with children and get on well with other animals. Our own Beagles are accustomed to horses, cats, chickens and sheep and are always brought up to respect all living things. We find that Beagles fit well into family life.
Please don't have a Beagle if you expect it to be self trained and are not prepared to train him or her.

With each of our breeds, we give out full information sheets including advice on feeding, training and grooming. If you need any help or advice on any aspect of your puppies care, please contact us.

We do sometimes have litters of well socialised puppies for sale, and people are always welcome to visit our hounds by appointment.


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